Home-buying on your mind?

Step into your new
real estate closing attorney’s office.

Find a genuine real estate partner who’s looking out for you.

Homebuyers get plenty of surprises they don’t expect.

Rejected offers, deals gone bad, and barely responsive partners can leave you wondering if the stress is worth it. Once you find that perfect home, the right closing attorney will match the excitement you feel. We’ll handle your closing so you’re protected even after the keys are officially transferred.

Bree is the absolute best advocate and partner for you in this process.

I appreciate that I could really tell her what I was thinking, or my concern, and she’d figure it out.”

Lawyers are lifelines for future homeowners.​

A good real estate attorney can be hit or miss.

When my husband and I bought our first house, I was studying for the bar. Despite feeling like we had too much going on, we connected with our real estate partners. That feeling of security, having someone on our team in unfamiliar territory, led me to practice real estate law.

We were lucky with our real estate partners, but after watching several people in my circle buy and sell homes, I realized how little is taught about property investment and asset protection. Something had to change to inspire more educated and protected buyers.

Shout out to the smart & lovely Bree Rials!

Thank you for all your guidance and patience with us. You made the entire closing process easy-breezy!”

The right closing attorney
knows where you’ve been.

Life’s funny when you try to wait for “a better time” to start something new. My better time? An employer asked me to use a whole vacation day to make up for 12 minutes of lost work time. That same week, I registered this very practice with the state. At The Law Office of Bree Rials, it isn’t simply about technicalities or retainer payments. I’ve been right where you are. No matter where you are on your investment journey, you’re stepping into shoes I’ve already worn.

You’re building wealth for your family by establishing stable commitments. Find a real estate partner who’s personally invested in that long-term success. Believe me when I say I’m so proud that you’re doing this. We all grow up feeling like we’re destined for more than we can imagine. My dream was to open my own law practice someday. With legal knowledge and God-given talent, I wanted to lessen the stress on families like mine, so we could live life with more flexibility and family time.

Protect yourself with a closing attorney.

Whether you’re a new buyer, seasoned owner, or helping a future homeowner select their perfect home, you’ve found the right “lawyer friend” to help you learn the real estate ropes.

Fast filing.

We don't make excuses for why a document isn't filed. Consider it drafted and proofed.

Fair and balanced negotiations.

You know what you want and won't settle for. Let's get it done.

Quick communication.

Sleep better with real-time updates. When we know something, you will too.

A new lawyer friend.

A real estate attorney is one of your best allies. Your retainer always goes a long way.

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